Jelly mango pudding recipe

jelly mango pudding recipe

Mango pudding is popular dessert  in Hong Kong. Specially summer time.

Hot and humid Hong Kong can be challenging like other South east Asia countries.

Thankfully  there are varieties of tropical fruit that have traveled thousands of miles from their original hometown and waiting to refresh us.

In Hong Kong, many of the fruits are exotic to me who grow up in Korea,  so it’s great chance to have new flavours. Mango is one of them.

Normally mango is eaten fresh. But Hong Konger enjoy this fruit as drinks, appetizers, desserts and even savories.

One of dessert chain ‘Hui Lau Shan’ is a famous and popular destination to many tourists. They specialize so many fresh mango dessert menus.

I try to make jelly mango pudding like one of Hui Lau Shan menu. I have no idea how to start, so I got a jelly mango pudding recipe from Chinese cooking blog and I bought some fresh mango, but I couldn’t get agar agar at that time. 

I bought a packet of gelatin powder instead ‘agar agar’, add some fresh mango cube,  I cook myself.

Luckily It was very good. Not too hard, soft and full of rich mango fragrance.  Here is the recipe.

  Jelly mango pudding recipe

jelly mango pudding recipe


Mango pulp  450g

evaporated milk 6Tbsp

sugar 4Tbsp

Pure gelatin powder 2Tbsp

Hot water 240ml

Ice cube 3

some mango pulp and evaporated milk for garnish

mango pudding recipePuree the mango pulp using a blender,  add evaporated milk and sugar set aside.

Pour  hot water in a bowl, sprinkle gelatin powder and stir until the gelatin powder dissolve well.

Add ice cubes and gelatin water into mango puree mixture and stir well until ice cubes are melt.


Pour into ramekins or dessert bowls or moulds, add some fresh mango cubes, cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for over 4 hours till set.


The pudding will be set with a slight jiggle to it.

mango pudding recipe

Serve with evaporated milk, fresh mango slices.



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